Super Mario 3D World Review


Nintendo hasn’t released a full 3D Mario game since 2010 with Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Galaxy games brought the best of the Mario franchise and the Platforming genre; 3D World isn’t shy either. With many new power-ups, beautiful visuals, incredibly fun multiplayer, this is easily the best game on Wii U.

The Presentation: 

Super Mario 3D World begins with a very cliche introduction in the franchise. Bowser is up to no good, and he captures a princess, or many princesses I should say. Princess Peach isn’t the damsel in distress this time around, the Sprixies are. There are a total of 7 Sprixies you have to save, each of them being held captive in different worlds. This gives Nintendo the ability to let you play as Peach again. The first time we saw a cast larger than 2 in a Mario game was in 1988 with Super Mario Bros. 2. Here we see a returning cast, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad. Each of these characters have very unique abilities that change the flow of the game depending on you character of choice. Mario is the balanced character, Luigi jumps higher, Peach can float for a few seconds, and Toad runs the fastest. Keep your Killzone: Shadowfall, 3D World is the most visually stimulating game this year. I couldn’t keep count of all the “wows” that came into mind while playing. With beautiful art direction, and great lighting effects, this is surely the best looking game on ANY next-gen machines; yeah, I said that.


Seriously, this game plays beautifully. Mario has always had an extremely simple button layout, yet it has always worked for veterans of the franchise as well as the news ones. My only issue with the controls is the locked 8-way movement, not allowing you to actually make an entire geometric circle; it’s always a rounded octagon. Thankfully, this never affected my jump accuracy in the game. Multiplayer in Mario, when has it ever been good? (This does NOT include Mario Kart and Mario Party) The 2D platformers have always had horrendous multiplayer experiences. Nintendo finally found the multiplayer formula that fit Mario. The 3D landscape allows up to 4 players on screen having a non-stressful blast. I found myself rofling (yeah, I said that too) more than I think I should have, it’s just fun. Each character gives you an entirely different feeling; Mario gives you the signature “balanced” speed and jumping, Luigi gives you his signature sky high jump height, Peach gives you here very memorable floating ability from Super Mario Bros. 2, and Toad runs super fast. These options fit the needs of all players, new and old. It’s remarkable how Nintendo got 3D multiplayer right on the first go, it’s really something.

The Verdict:

Man, this is a great game. Every single Wii U owner should have this game in their library, it’s the best game on the platform. Super Mario 3D World proves that Mario is the strongest franchise in gaming, even after all these years. 3D World blends all the greatness that was Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario 64, Galaxy, and 3D Land. I was surprised with the caliber of this game, it’s the strongest game this year by far. The visuals are beautiful and put the “Next-Gen” games to shame with superb art direction. The gameplay is amazing, they perfect 3D Mario platforming with 64, since then it’s just minor improvements and tweaks that only better the experience. Super Mario 3D World is not only the strongest game this year, but it seems to be the strongest game in a long time. The only game that really beat 3D World in art direction was Skyward Sword in 2011. Super Mario 3D World is a masterpiece, it perfected the Mario formula, and then some. This is why GameINation gives 3D World a solid 4/10. Ha, gotcha! GameINation gives the game a well deserved 10/10.


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