Pokemon X/Y Review

It’s finally here. The promise of a fully 3D Pokemon game on a handheld. Pokemon X/Y is a 3DS exclusive, thankfully Nintendo plans on releasing “Pokemon Bank” which will allow you to transfer your Pokemon from Black/White 2. Okay, let’s get this party started, here is our review (We are using a new reviewing format, please give us feedback on your opinion of the new format) :

EDIT: We initially gave the game an 8/10

The Good:
I am happy to say that Pokemon X/Y delivers on it’s promise of an open world, 3D Pokemon adventure, with more depth than ever. I am also happy to say that this game has broken the nearly-decade long record of uninspiring character design. Ever since Ruby/Sapphire/ Emerald, I’ve been longing for a Pokemon experience that felt fresh, and it’s almost here, almost. The new Pokemon look great, and heck, the old ones too. Overall, the game is good, just not what I wanted it to be. Now let’s move to the bad.

The Bad:
Okay, I have a few issues with the game, 3 to be exact. Never have I ever seen such lazy use of the 3DS’s innovative 3D. Only available in 1v1 battles(Yeah, not double battles, or triple battles). It wasn’t available outside of battles, only in certain caves and things as such. Want to hear the big kicker of the 3D during battles? The framerates drops so low that I thought I was playing on a Commodore 64. What else was bad? You’re probably gonna disagree but, honestly the Mega evolutions were pretty half-assed. It’s not that the designer were lack luster, or that they were over powered. It was the fact that they lacked depth. I was never once pressed to actually plan out how I was going to use them. Once they were out, I was unstoppable. The only restriction was that you could only use one per battle. They had no time limit, or turn limit. Last, but not least was the story. It was so generic I could have modded any of the Pokemon games, and got the same story. Pokemon has lost its magic, simple as that. I remember being a kid and re-playing Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow over 20 times (I’m not kidding). I found myself shoving this game to the side after I reached the 8th gym. Not only is it a drag at times, it has no re-playability, which was something it has in the Kanto and Johto regions.

The Decision:
Pokemon X/Y, while having a few flaws, proves that GameFreak is still a very capable developer, and isn’t losing steam, in fact, they are gaining. Coming from a person who hasn’t purchased a Pokemon game since gen 3, this game makes me happy to play Pokemon again. While GameFreak is heading towards the right direction, they aren’t quite there yet. This is why GameINation gives Pokemon X/Y


Pokemon X/Y is a good game, okay at times, and rarely ever is it mediocre. Although this isn’t the Pokemon game I’ve been hoping for, this is surely the best Pokemon game in nearly a decade.


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