Wind Waker HD Review


The Legend of Zelda is arguably the most prestigious franchise in gaming history, Wind Waker is a game that proves Zelda is like water, adjusting to it’s container. While Wind Waker has been bashed for it’s controversial art style, it is definitely the most refreshing Zelda game. I almost that Wind Waker was made for Wii U, while the Gamecube version is still beautiful by today’s standards, the HD boost that the Wii U gives multiplies that by 100. If you guys haven’t played the original, this is a must-have, unfortunately, it doesn’t do enough to make a veteran feel like the adventure was fresh.


Wind Waker on its own is a gorgeous game, adding the breathe-taking HD visuals that the Wii U offers, it makes it not only the best looking Zelda, but one of the best looking games to date. Add on the smooth feeling of 60 frames per second, and clean look of 1080p, you’re in for a very immersive game. Let’s stop talking about resolution and FPS for a second, and let’s talk about textures. The Wii U not only upgrades textures, but it also adds shaders, and they do this so well, it almost feels native to the game. My only gripe with the shaders is when light hits Link directly in the face. Specifically when you open a chest, Link looks plastic and it just looks weird and odd. While this rarely happens, it is a big set back to a nearly perfect visual presentation.


Responsive, smooth, and just plain fun. Not only does Wind Waker have the best combat in any Zelda game, but the best in the Action-Adventure genre. From swift swings, to agile dodging, Wind Waker makes to be the best combat any Zelda has ever offered, unfortunately, the HD version does nothing to improve on it. People argue that the touch screen adds strategy with great on-the-fly swapping of weapons, while that is true, it think Nintendo did it best with Skyward Sword and the Wiimote. 


Wind Waker is great game on its own, but Wind Waker HD just improves the experience a bit. If you own the original on the Gamecube, don’t bother purchasing this game unless you are a huge Zelda fan and/or a graphics junkie. 

+ Great Visual Update
+ Touch Screen Adds Some Dimension To Strategy
+ Miiverse Functionality

– Feels The Same As The Original
– Textures And Shaders Fight At Times
– No New Addition To Combat

Overall, Wind Waker HD is a great game, but not a must-have for veterans.

Wind Waker HD for the Wii U gets a 7/10



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