Iwata Is “Fed Up” With Inaccurate Reports In The Gaming Media

gamiwataface530                  MOBILE UPLOAD

Iwata has said to investors that he is fed up with false and inaccurate reports from the gaming media. He also said he can’t control the information spread through the Internet (no shit). Here are his exact words

Some media reports have, without asking or referring to official announcements, without confirming and reporting as if announced — that is, taking some of my words out of context and rewriting them to amplify animosity and reporting as if I had said it. So when considering media influence and the content of reports and whether they’d be misread, it may be refuted. So when ignoring such a report would be a big minus, I may actively respond. I cannot control information flow on the Internet. Because there may always be some very unfortunate or regrettable information transmitted, refuting would only help to spread it. I take great care in deciding how to respond so as not to upset stock holders. Nintendo Direct is most-watched not on PC, but eShop. In that way there can be a direct channel to customers. By distributing info reliably, even if there are bad reports, not as big a problem.”

Lemme tell you what I think. I’m going to tell Iwata, exactly what I told Microsoft when they addressed their controversial DRM policies. The only reason this stuff about Nintendo spreads like wildfire, is because Nintendo doesn’t actually address them. Remember when Iwata said the Wii U wasn’t underpowered? That’s all he said, he said people were underestimating it. That says nothing Iwata! Give us facts, specs, PERFORMANCE that proves that. Mario Kart 8, and X are good starts. Bayonetta 2 looks like it can run on the 360 and PS3. Nintendo, you are the biggest perpetrators of the misinformation. Clear it up already!

Stay classy readers, and as always, have a good one!


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