Who Is To Blame For The Lack Of Third-Party Support On Wii U?


Here is good one. People actually think that the Wii U’s lack of sales are the only reason
Third-Party devs are afraid of it. Here is the fact, it’s the hardware, no, not how weak it is, but something else. The PS4 and Xbox One both revolve around the x86 architecture. That shit is in almost every single PC in the market today, which basically means this, it’s super duper easy to program for. The Wii u on the other hand, run on an IBM Power PC architecture. That is an over-clocked version of the Gamecube’s processor. Developers complained about the Gamecube because of that. So who is blame? NINTENDO! They made a system which is difficult to program for, kind of like what Sony did with the PS3! The reason Sony did it, is so that developers could half-ass any of the ports. Nintendo likely did it for that same reason, look how that bit Sony in the butt. In the early months of the PS3 this was an extreme issue, then eventually the PS3 got back on it’s feet. I am not dooming Nintendo, but when the install base picks up on the Wii U, devs won’t care how difficult it is to develop for, they’ll do it. That’s how the industry works.

Stay classy readers, and as always, have a good one.


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