Is The Cat Suit From New Super Mario 3D World Innovative?


When Nintendo announced Super Mario 3D World at E3 2013, it sparked lots of controversy. Even Nintendo fans were disappointed it wasn’t at Mario Galaxy scale game, to be honest, so was I. Then I thought about that Cat Suit. People say Nintendo is running out of ideas, but I’d beg to differ. Here is the thing, the obvious thing, the common sense idea is this. Mario is a Platformer, which means it’s about getting to the end of the level, while dodging enemies and obstacles. This new Cat Suit does something truly innovative, not for just the franchise, but the entire genre. Think of a coordinate plane, before this, Platformers were restricted to the X axis of the coordinate plane, not you can go through the Y axis. Imagine the crazy level design possible with this new dynamic. They can create a level of climbing walls running from Bullet Bills coming from below, above you, and from the sides. This new key feature adds a new level of depth into the entire genre. People fail to see what this new key dynamic does for the franchise.

Stay classy readers, and have a good one.


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