Was Journalist Michael Hastings Murdered?


Michael Mahon Hastings (1980 – 2013) was a top of the line journalist, he broke the story about the NSA tapping into phone calls, and a recent email sent by him hours before his death claims he was onto another one. Michael Hastings was driving at 4:30 A.M when people say he was “driving out of control” then his car crashed and burst into flames, as strange as that is on it’s own, it gets even stranger. Richard Clark, this isn’t a crazy dude from Info Wars, or some random blog, no, this guy worked with the government as U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism, so he is incredibly credible. Clark claims that the government has the ability to hack into cars and hit the acceleration, or slap on the brakes when the driver does not want to. While he says that it probably didn’t happen, the government can do it theoretically. This is genuinely scary as heck. Richard Clark was the guy who called out Al-Qaeda before you and me knew about them, he worked for the Bush and Clinton administration.

Stay Vigilant!

Link to watch the video version: http://bit.ly/13bnQxM


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