NSA Has Hidden Software Within Every Copy Of Windows Since Windows 95!



What’s shakin’ guys? You guys know I never dive out of gaming in my posts or videos but, I had to cover this. You guys need to know what the hell is going on. This is not an “Alex Jones Show” Conspiracy Theory, this is fact. Apparently the NSA has had a driver within every copy of Windows OS (Operating Systems) since the launch of Windows 95! This driver allows them to collect information of every single thing you do on your computer, from what website you visit, what you download, what you read, just about every keystroke. Here is the tip of the iceberg, Microsoft hasn’t denied it, and then they wonder why people are on edge about the forced Kinect on every Xbox One. This means that this is in fact, true, in every way. Before you flip out, here is the location of the driver “c:/windows/system”. The driver is called “advapi.dll”. While I am unsure if you can delete this file, it’s good to know where the tick is coming from. The dll file has 2 uses, one for the OS to use security measures and one that was unknown, until now. 

Stay Vigilant!


Link to watch the video version: http://youtu.be/JnhPakZZhRc


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