New Super Luigi U Review (DLC Version)


It’s time to review Nintendo’s first DLC for the Wii U. Does it live up to New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC? It definitely does. While this is how DLC should be done, they’re some key issues we have to address.


This is DLC, so don’t expect a graphical overhaul, nor a slight improvement. The world map is also identical, and the hidden paths are in the exact same locations, which really takes away from exploring the levels to try to find new nooks and crannies. While this does disappoint me and many others keep in mind what else it has to offer.


Here is where the DLC shines beyond comparison. We’ve seen great expansions to games, World of Warcraft Expansions are perfect examples, but for $20 New Super Luigi U changes what you think about expansions. This DLC changes so many things! every single level is redesigned specifically for Luigi’s abilities, which is another key change within the DLC. Luigi jumps higher and can stay in the air much longer, giving Luigi a more strategic feel than Mario. While it is easier to control, it is also harder when you land because Luigi has some sort of slide, which makes it harder to flee from enemies in front of you. You also had the addition of Nabbit The Rabbit for multiplayer, a kind of God Mode for your “not so good” players at home. Nabbit can run through enemies, but cannot pick up power-ups of any kind. Which leaves me at this final disappointment, the lack of Online Multiplayer. This would have been the best time to include Online Multiplayer with the inclusion of Nabbit and Luigi.


New Super Luigi U is a must have for every New Super Mario Bros. U out there. Level design is crazy, the 99 second levels add a tone of tension, and the inclusion of Nabbit is just awesome.

Insane Level Design

+ New Strategic Feeling With The Addition of Luigi

Pro Controller Support!

Time Limit Sometimes Was Too Limited

– Lack Of Online Multiplayer

Same Boring World Map

GameINation gives Super Luigi U a 7.8.

It is a great addition to the original games, but the lack of so many features we wanted in the original being absent, we cannot give it anything higher than a 7.8.



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